According to McKinsey Global Institute, construction productivity lags behind other sectors. With a single focus to quickly stimulate industry change, PRO aims to increase the value of structural concrete to project owners.

The Center envisions a concrete industry where the productivity potential of contemporary materials and construction systems is fully realized and continually advanced.


PRO's mission is to collaborate with designers, material suppliers, builders, and other industry stakeholders to continually improve the constructability of design and productivity of construction for concrete structures of all types.

Core Functions

  • Designer + Contractor Collaboration
    • Connect people and associations to advance the industry
    • Educate industry groups about issues other groups are facing
  • Industry Outreach
    • Stakeholder Associations: State & Local Structural, Architectural, Owner, & more
    • Trade Associations: NRMCA, ASCC, PCA, CRSI, PTI, PCI, & more
  • Interaction with ACI Technical Committees on Constructability
    • Document review for constructability related issues or improvements
    • Facilitate creation of new committees or task groups as necessary

Strategic Plan

  • Initiative 1: Improve the constructability of concrete structures.
    Outcome: Construction efficiency and productivity is advanced.
  • Initiative 2: Contractually align the risk and reward of concrete design, construction, and ownership.
    Outcome: Balanced contractual agreements for all project participants.
  • Initiative 3: Incentivize innovation in concrete design and construction.
    Outcome: Increased acceptance of innovative solutions that maximize productivity.
  • Initiative 4: Improve collaboration and teamwork among all project stakeholders.
    Outcome: Project cost, schedule, and quality all benefit from combined team knowledge.
  • Initiative 5: Improve construction document completeness and coordination.
    Outcome: Complete and coordinated information advances construction productivity.
  • Initiative 6: Expand industry use of new technologies.
    Outcome: Design and construction efficiency is improved.

PRO: What? Why? Who?

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